The Kitties Titties

i wont apologize for being diffrent
19. Kawaii Princess. Dovahkiin Life.
Too Weird To Live . Too Rare To Die
Southern California. Modifed. God Free. Video Gamer. <3

frequently asked questions



here’s my face

woop :3


-October 13th 1994

what is your ethnicity?
- i happen to be half White / half Indonesian.

my father is white
my mother is Indonesia

no indeed i am not latino/mexican/spanish

how tall are you?
- 5’6

where do you live?
Southern California

What size are your plugs?
- 1 1/8th

do you have any tattoos?

Why are you an atheist?
-im an atheist simply because i do not believe in any god. honestly (not to offend any other religon) but the whole idea of one “god” just sounds phony to me. jk rowling wrote a great novel in which im sure many would love to believe is true. i believe that the author just wrote a very well written story. if im wrong, i will lose nothing.

do you have an animals?
Yes, my handsome little Peanut or as i like to call him P33N

what are your other social networks?


-twitter: @smydugan

-xbox live: Rackoon94

-Pintrest: Sarina Dugan

any more questions just ask me .
if you guys need someone to talk to i will try to help in the best way possible :)
please no hate